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ONZS1 by Llerapa | Limited Edition | Bloody eyes

$413.00 USD
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Size: 37EUR | 4,5UK | 6US

Hellooo! I'm Llerapa, currently residing in Barcelona. I've been tattooing for 5 years now, and I find myself drawn to various styles such as traditional, neotraditional, and blackwork. I have a strong affinity for sinister and dark themes, and I absolutely love adding a bloody and punk twist to my work!

Size: 37EUR | 4,5UK | 6US

Product information

• Tattooable surface with patented 2NDSKINTECH Technology®.
• Vegan Leather (PU) - Fiber and polyurethane
• Thermo - Plastic - Insulating Sole (TR) - Thermoplastic polyurethane light and comfortable.
• Latex Insole - Foam - Synthetic - Ergonomic and anti-microbe.
• Front buckle lanyard - Chrome metal buckle.
• Sizes: From 36EU to 47EU
• Weight between 850g and 1.200g.
• Packaging Dimensions: Long between 300mm - 330mm. Wide between 220mm - 235 mm.

Exclusive Tattooable Sneaker

Talk about Limited Edition

The "Limited Edition Tattooable Sneaker" is a one-of-a-kind shoe designed for those seeking a unique and innovative way to express their individuality. Hand-tattooed by a renowned professional artist, this sneaker is a true work of art. With no other sneakers like it in existence, it is a highly exclusive collector's item. The customizable design caters to various styles and preferences, while the shoe's comfort and high quality make it suitable for everyday wear. Owning the "Limited Edition Tattooable Sneaker" allows you to stand out with unparalleled style and originality.

Elevate your personalization and exclusivity by acquiring this remarkable piece.



The shoes utilize a special polymer that emulates real skin when tattooed, allowing for a truly unique artistic experience.


The shoes are made with high-quality vegan leather, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and ethical materials.


The shoes exhibit excellent craftsmanship, evident in details such as brand embroideries and the use of metal in the laces buckle.


ONZS®1 serves as a blank canvas for personal expression, enabling wearers to elevate their streetwear style and make a bold fashion statement.